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Restore common sense to local waters

I may have given the impression in a previous column that the Legislature had dropped the ball for letting the retirement system get so dysfunctional. The fact is, over the years there have been several jurisdictional changes impacting the system.

Skeptics are heretics of new climate church

With a wink it is said that when sea levels rise, greater Bluffton will become waterfront property.

Concrete slab vs. crawl space foundations

With more people finding Beaufort in their search for milder temperatures and a less hectic lifestyle, real estate sales and new home construction have remained steady over the past five to seven years.

Coding movement is sweeping the world

From the board rooms of Silicon Valley to the kindergarten class at Voyager Charter School in Charleston, the coding movement is sweeping the country. So who is behind it?

Health care tinkering leads to more suffering

Please don’t feed the donkeys and elephants. It just increases their output.

@ Your Library: Explore old Beaufort through postcards

Factoid: The study and collection of postcards is termed deltiology.

Nuclear debacle poised to get worse

“Some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen.” — Woody Guthrie

There will be no victory, no peace, without reform

As we pass our nation’s 241st birthday, the incessant war in the Middle East almost fades to background noise. Even as we commit more troops and ask NATO allies to step up their contributions, most Americans react to news of an impasse with a resurgent Taliban with nary an eye blink.

This has been a sorry state for women

The hypocritical gulf between how we Southern men talk about and treat women has always been a source of great bewilderment to me.

Secular democracy: A lethal potion for terrorism

Can ISIS — or whatever other variant of Islamist radicals we are now fighting — be defeated?

New book tells Smalls’ astounding story

It was a sure thing, a can’t-miss, a safe bet that you couldn’t possibly fail — or could you?

“Be Free or Die” by Cate Lineberry, $25.99, 272 pages.

@ Your Library: Celebrate Liberty Days with free lecture, tours

Few people know that South Carolina had the most Revolutionary War military engagements.

The best schools in the U.S.

Politicians, business people and teachers all talk about how we need, want and deserve great schools. But no one ever really describes what a great school looks like.

Morris Center makes for a fine legacy

Daniel Ollin Morris, better known as Danny, would have been pleased but not surprised at the reception his Center for Lowcountry Heritage is receiving.

The definition of insanity remains the same

Now comes the first U.S. troop surge to Afghanistan approved by the new commander in chief. The option, kicked around the administration for several months, is the call of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who sees it as a critical component for breaking combat deadlock with the Taliban.

Simple, easy and wrong answers

“For every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong.” — H.L. Mencken

Leadership is about strength under fire

In the first Hollywood film of the Gulf War, “Courage Under Fire,” the men on a dangerous rescue mission each had a very different story to tell about their commander, Capt. Karen Walden.

@ Your Library: Q&A with author Cate Lineberry

Author Cate Lineberry will visit the Beaufort and Bluffton branches of the Beaufort County Library on June 22 to share her book “Be Free or Die: The Amazing Story of Robert Smalls’ Escape from Slavery to Union Hero.”


What do we do about climate change now?

The newspaper landed with its usual thud on my front porch. As I bent over to pick it up, I saw the headline: “McMaster Backs Trump’s Exit from Climate Accord.”

Constitution protects the right to be spectacularly vulgar

Sen. Al Franken, D-Minnesota, says he has changed his mind about comedian Kathy Griffin attending an event to promote his new book. Actually, Minnesotans changed his mind.