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@ Your Library: Learning Express Library

At various points throughout all of our lives, we are tested. Not in the test-your-tolerance-for-what-life-throws-at-you type of way (though there is plenty of that), but rather the you-have-to-pass-this-test-to-succeed-in-the-future sort of way.

Why are we bringing this up? Because as a Beaufort County Library cardholder, you have free access to an incredible online resource called the Learning Express Library.

First, let’s focus on the Learning Express Library’s practice test offerings. The entire list of online practice tests offered is far too long to list here, but we’ll start with occupational exams (think practice tests for real estate, firefighting, cosmetology, civil service, CDL, culinary arts, nursing, plumbing).

The High School Equivalency Center offers practice for the GED, GED en Español, HISET, TASC, as well as practice on sharpening reading, writing, math and vocabulary skills. The College Preparation Center helps prepare test takers for the ACT, SAT, AP, PSAT, TOEFL tests and more.

The College Center helps prepare graduate students with prep for the following admissions exams: GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MAT, MCAT, PCAT and the placement exams ACCUPLACER, ASSET, COMPASS and CLEP.

The resource’s Become a U.S. Citizen Center is where interested users can prepare to take their citizenship exam. In the center for Spanish speakers, “Recursos para Hispanohablante,” users can improve their writing, reading, grammar and math skills, prepare for the GED or prepare for the U.S. citizenship exam.

Not only does the Learning Express Library offer hundreds of online practice tests for pretty much any test under the sun, it also offers a Computer Skills Center that includes video tutorials from getting started using your computer and the internet to learning advanced illustration software.

Computer newbies can learn from tutorials such as “Using Your Desktop Applications” or “Internet Safety.” Those looking to further their skillsets should seek out the “Popular Software Tools” feature, which includes video tutorials for programs such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Word and Microsoft operating systems up to Windows 10 Advanced.

Those seeking out careers or perhaps a hobby in graphic design should explore the Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop tutorials.

The Learning Express Library is offered to Beaufort County Library cardholders through DISCUS — Digital Information for South Carolina Users, a resource managed and administered by the South Carolina State Library.

To access the resource, cardholders can create their own account at

Traci Cox is the Beaufort County Library System’s information services coordinator.