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Who now cultivates a climate of fear?

The drama is becoming wearisome. So much energy is required to stay on top of the countless he-said, she-said items emanating from the White House and mainstream media that one is inclined to simply tune it all out.

President Trump must surely know that following a few basics will help: Stay off Twitter, coordinate messaging between self and staff, don’t get ahead of them or yourself, relieve leftover Obama bureaucrats (beyond the U.S. attorneys released last week), find the leakers, stop whining, start governing.

There’s something unsettling about writing advice to the president, especially when it’s less about policy and more about getting his proverbial act together. Then again, he’s not operating in the most conducive atmosphere.

It’s easy to see the media is not on Trump’s side, nor are congressional Democrats. Every misstep, every misspoken word is captured, illuminated and exaggerated until the public can be convinced that the smallest mistakes are proof of incompetence.

Liberals inside and outside Washington have coalesced to impugn this presidency from the onset and thwart any chance of success. Whether potential success may be good for the country is irrelevant.

Administrative aides must also endure microscopic scrutiny with any faux pas broadcast in IMAX proportions. Flynn (a ridiculously easy target), Conway, Bannon and others are dredged in a rank concoction of suspicion, subversion and ineptitude. Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer are also marked men and will not escape unscathed.

There is now blood in the water from a prey that appears to be in trouble. Carnivores from all reaches have been signaled to attack en masse. Even members of the GOP are attracted to the frenetic feast.

As a business consultant tramping through corporate America, I witnessed on multiple occasions a company culture that was poisonous to the organization. Withholding information, empire building, fear of reprisal and other noxious behaviors have a way of growing exponentially as self-serving managers tend policies that force self-preservation to dominate action. Unchecked, this can undermine a company to the point of insolvency.

Is there much difference between that scenario and the climate now enveloping our federal government? Trump is obviously not the most articulate executive ever to occupy the White House, but is he really the bumbler, the criminal that his foes make him out to be? Despite ongoing investigations, he is convicted by the media and Democratic leadership on a weekly basis.

Are we not witnessing a coordinated assault by various factions on the presidency with the sole objective of bringing it down? Matt Bai of Yahoo implores White House aides to walk out and paralyze the Trump administration, suggesting we might all be saved from complete destruction only by an internal coup.

Which is more frightening: a duly elected commander-in-chief who has been blocked at every turn, or a cadre of malcontents hell-bent on removing him from office? Administrative boycott, legislative obstruction and violence in the streets are all authorized for use so long as the goal can be achieved: Trump must fail.

Despite perception, the majority of Americans are not in that camp and continue to root for our president.

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