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SLIDESHOW: Coalition rallies in support of immigrants, refugees

  • Photos by Jessicah Lawrence/Beaufort Today

The newly formed Lowcountry Indivisible advocacy group and the Lowcountry Immigration Coalition rallied outside of U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford's Beaufort office Tuesday, requesting a one-on-one meeting with him in the near future. 

The rally drew a large crowd at the corner of Boundary and Scott streets in Beaufort with signs that advocated support for the rights of immigrants and refugees. 

"We're a country of immigrants and our country is based on equal opportunity. Trump hastily mandated this ban without preparation and I feel so much sympathy for those who have done everything right to get their green card or passport just to be turned away," said Donna Paine of Hilton Head, who attended the rally. 

The coalition's co-founder George Kanuck presented a letter to Sanford's office asking for not only a personal meeting, but also questioning where the Congressman stood on the recent actions taken by President Donald Trump and the new administration. 

In the letter presented to Sanford's office, Kanuck questioned if supported the deportation of possibly 11 million individuals, the building of a border wall and it's costs, abandoning the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, or if he would considered supporting Sen. Lindsey Graham's proposed BRIDGE Act and the supporting the existing two-year vetting process for refugees from select countries abroad. 

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