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Battery Creek personnel a ‘perfect match’ with first-year coach

Whether Battery Creek can field a more competitive football team next season remains to be seen, but under new coach Walt Wilson the Dolphins already are far ahead of last year from a preparation standpoint.

Wilson said his depth chart is almost set and the team is learning the playbook. At this time last year, first-year coach Fred Hamilton was still learning names because of his late hiring.

Maybe the best news for the Dolphins is that Wilson says he can run exactly what he wants to on offense and defense.

“The worst thing you can do from a coaching standpoint is try to make a team do something it can’t because it’s not a good match,” Wilson said. “Like, if I can’t put four linemen on the field, how am I supposed to run a 4-3?

“So you look at your personnel, and you kind of have an idea of what they do best. And yeah, we found out we can do what we want to do.”

Wilson does run a 4-3 defensive alignment.

“I believe in the 4-3. I believe you can do everything you want to out of the 4-3,” he said. “We have speed and we’re going to be aggressive, so this will work.”

Wilson said in the spring he felt the team was a little short on quality lineman, but last week he said he thinks he has found the right players.

Wilson will implement a spread offense with skill players working in the open field, so athleticism is vital. He said he thinks he has some guys who can make defenders miss.

“It was a perfect match on offense,” he said. “Basically, it was just the fact that I feel like we have playmakers.

“If you have playmakers, the best thing to do is get them in space. And the bottom line is that’s what we’re going to do. We spread it and let our playmakers make plays.”

Battery Creek is two months away from its first season under Wilson.

“We’re in progress now,” he said. “It’s not experimentation anymore. We’re getting ready for Aug. 18 against Swansea.”