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Cummings wins 4th consecutive world weightlifting title

  • Photo courtesy of Cummings completes his 183-kilogram clean-and-jerk.

Beaufort weightlifting phenom C.J. Cummings made it four world championships as many tries over the weekend in Tokyo.

Having already defended his Youth World Championship in April, Cummings defended his more competitive Junior World title on Sunday.

Cummings had to scramble his way up the 69-kilogram scoreboard after finishing fourth in the snatch with a composite score of 138 kilograms.

Japan’s Masanori Miyamoto easily won gold for the snatch with a score of 147 and his home crowd cheering him on.

For Cummings to come back and win the overall crown, he needed to dominate the clean-and-jerk rounds. He did just that.

Cummings lifted 173, 183 and 186 kilograms, putting up the top score in all three lifts en route to the clean-and-jerk gold.

His composite score of 183 kilograms gave him an overall score of 321, 1 kilogram ahead of Miyamoto.

Cummings, who celebrated his 17th birthday in Japan earlier in the week, continues to build his resume for a spot on the U.S. national team when it travels to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics.